Andy is an experienced Brand Ambassador at Corporate level and brings his knowledge of what that area requires to extend its reach whilst satisfying any social responsibility obligations.

The Standing Tall Foundation originally existed by self-funding most of its work on a Direct Intervention basis; however the demands on the Foundation are rising, particularly as the longer term effects of the pandemic start to bite. Therefore we are engaged in bidding to appropriate funders, we are running various challenges and fundraisers; however we also recognise the appropriateness of seeking corporate and business support.

To become a Foundation Partner, we are asking for a minimum donation of £3k and in return will be offering a baseline package of an Annual Awards Night Dinner and two further Club meetings per year, each with Guest Speaker and Meal.

However we hope to be able to secure greater patronage by working with business to develop bespoke partnerships. These will deliver true value to product or service by accessing personal Brand support from Andy Reid MBE and the Media Opportunities he is able to provide. These include:

  • The Standing Tall Foundation YouTube Channel hosted by Andy Reid MBE
  • The Andy Reid MBE Podcast
  • His co-hosting of the Forces Connect Station on Great British Radio

Business and charity working together!