We place great emphasis on tools and techniques to improve quality of life in a spiritual and physical sense. It is vitally important to the maintenance of good mental health that mind and body are kept in as good a shape as possible.

Utilising professionally trained staff, we use Mindfulness and Lifestyle practices that promote and maintain a healthy state in mental and physical capacities.

Individuals who have been with us for mental health counselling or addiction support often move on to take advantage of these Foundations programmes. Each route can be done separately or together, its is whatever a given individual may be comfortable with.

  • Mindfulness – the state of living in the moment and learning to appreciate the things already in our lives and around us. The past cannot be changed, the future is yet to be played out. Only the specific moment you’re in truly matters. Most of what worries us is either in the past or is yet to come. Learn to appreciate the now. Here at the STF we run a weekly group session on Friday from 1pm. All are welcome to join, contact us for details.
  • Lifestyle – Physical health is incredibly important to a state of wellbeing. We provide individual or group sessions designed to encourage and promote behavioural change. Working from our hub in St Helens we look to support local people to participate in their own tailored programme, following assessment or join in with a group. We run weekly Walk for Wellness sessions encouraging enjoyment of the outdoors, whilst taking the opportunity to talk.

We run Wellbeing Wednesdays here at the hub which include a Walk for Wellness session and an Exercise and Wellbeing Class.

If you would like some support or advice on any aspect of your physical health and wellbeing, or would like some more information on any of our group sessions, please contact: