Supporting Principles

  1. We will seek funding from the private and public sectors, grant funding organisations and other support networks which will be appropriate to the types of programmes deemed necessary to meet our objectives.
  2. We will work with businesses to fully engage them in the work of the Foundation, by providing events and forums to discuss mutual development of support programmes in line with their Corporate Social Responsibility objectives.
  3. We will maintain a base for the Foundation to operate from, sufficient to allow most classroom based programmes to be run in house and services to be provided on site. The centre will be called the STF HUB and will be a meeting place and focal point for the Foundations objectives.
  4. We will pursue our objectives into communities, providing interventions when and where necessary to situations demanding an urgent response or where need is demonstrated.
  5. We will never turn anybody away and always seek to find an outcome or support, external to the Foundation if necessary, to meet the needs of anyone seeking help.