The STF recognised and prioritised from the start that support for individuals suffering the blight of drug and alcohol dependency would be a part of its portfolio of programmes to help with this most debilitating of mental health illnesses. The consequences of this scourge of modern society are nothing short of devastating and potentially fatal. Working hard for months to get the Foundation set up and helping many individuals along the way, the STF is proud of what it has achieved in a short time; however it is pleased to reveal that three weeks ago it launched its support programme in relation to drug and alcohol dependency and that it is proceeding well, with clients signing up to be mentored through a 12 Step programme designed to help change lives for the better.

Delivery of this successful and proven format is by the Foundations own Chris Nicholson, who is committed to sharing the methodology to as many people in need as possible. In keeping with the STFs ethos, Chris draws on his own lived experience in making solid connections with the individuals he supports.

Andy Reid MBE commented: ‘We couldn’t be prouder of the way Chris has stepped up and driven this programme for the Foundation. Like myself, he uses his own life experiences to make the support he is delivering relevant. Bonds of trust are not forged easily, but when individuals in need see that the help they are receiving is from someone who knows where they are, then trust is not only established, but is sustainable.’

Chris Nicholson (pictured) added: ‘I’m very proud to be part of Andy’s Foundation and of the opportunity it is affording me to pass on what was so freely given to me. It is something I am very passionate about doing and am committed to.’

If you know of someone or indeed you are in of support yourself please contact us for further information.

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