Our Physical Initiative and Wellbeing Coach Terry Bates recently delivered a highly successful training course in Health, Wellbeing & Resilience Building to the Year 5 pupils at St. Bartholomew’s Primary School.

School is a fun and exciting time, but it is also full of countless challenges, setbacks, failures, and difficult situations. Just like adults, children have to deal with pressure, stress and challenges and still perform at school.

As children transition from Junior to High School, they need to start learning to listen to the teacher to improve and thrive.

This course was designed to develop awareness towards health and to build self-confidence and resilience to enable this.

The main aim of the programme was to build confidence and mental strength using a range of teaching and facilitating methods. Children’s Health can be affected by many situations and experiences. This course was aimed at developing confidence, a stronger mindset and self – awareness towards the many areas of an individual’s health and wellbeing. The aim was to build pupil resilience for improvement and prepare them to become the best version of themselves.

Our Chairman Andy Reid MBE also contributed to the course by delivering a brilliant introduction on dealing with adversity and Developing Mental Toughness.

Other topics covered over the duration of the course were:

  • Our Holistic Health  –  Resilience and life effects
  • Basic First Aid – Medical conditions,  dealing with situations.
  • Positive Mental Health and Wellbeing – Self Confidence,  Working up the confidence scale
  • Aiming High – Be the best version of you, Making decisions, positive outlook
  • Team Building activities and problem solving

The course ended with the children being presented with a certificate of achievement by Terry and our Chairman Andy Reid MBE.

We are currently seeking funding in order to be able to roll this fantastic initiative out to more schools in St. Helens and the surrounding areas.

To discuss how we could work with your school, please contact:

Terry Bates 07799 033323


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