Here at the Foundation, we are always delighted, excited and extremely grateful when we get the opportunity to partner and work with new companies. Our most recent addition is Totally Wicked – The World’s premier vaping retailer.

Totally Wicked is one of the leading vape companies in the UK. Founded in 2008, they are one of the nation’s longest standing vape companies and have led the way not only with vape technology, but vape standards and vapers’ rights. They also have an expert Totally Wicked team which is now 360 people strong and growing!

Their History

Back in 2008, many years before the term vaping had become commonplace, Jason Cropper a long-term smoker became aware of a new product concept called ‘the electronic cigarette’. Jason began his very personal journey of creating a business, and enlightening as many people as possible to the potential associated with such a transformative product.

To deliver on Jason’s ambitions, he realised that he needed to create not only a leading product, but a brand, a persona, and a personality that would represent everything that this business would stand for. With a subtle irony, Totally Wicked was born, and ‘Mr Wicked’ was the persona or character that would bring the personality of this amazing brand to life. At the same time, Jason created a mission statement that embodied a simple set of promises that would define the actions and responsibilities of the business from then up to present day, which you will find in every office and store carrying the Totally Wicked name.

In 2011 Fraser Cropper, Jason’s brother joined him to continue the Totally Wicked crusade, and from these early years Totally Wicked has continued to lead the industry that followed, and has specifically ‘empowered smokers to transform their lives’ with the world premier vaping products carrying this iconic name.

Chairman Fraser Cropper had this to say:

“On first meeting Andy and listening to his journey and his outlook on life, I was struck deeply by his resilience and tenacity to drive his post injury life to his own agenda.  Beyond Andy’s incredible mental strength, he has deep compassion for others who need support.

This is not only injured ex-servicemen, but also anyone that may require help and assistance that perhaps is not readily available.  This would be a commendable attribute for most people, but in Andy’s case, given his experiences and his permanently carried injuries, it is a remarkable deeply possessed selflessness.

I am very proud to welcome Andy to our team and the potential Totally Wicked and Andy can harness to bring positive change.”

Our Co-Founder Andy Reid MBE had this to say about the partnership:

“It was fantastic to bump into Fraser at the Totally Wicked Stadium, after being a brand ambassador for Totally Wicked for a number of years. I told Fraser about the Foundation and the work we do, and straight away he was keen to get involved as a partner and support the work we do with people’s health and well-being.”

Here at the Foundation, we are focused on the health and physical well-being of all Community Groups, and are therefore excited to be working with a company that promotes a healthier alternative to smoking. It’s totally wicked to have you on board!

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